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BrucePac Meat Product Designers

Project Description

BrucePac Meat Product Designers joined the green power movement with the installation of an 83kW ground-mounted solar array located at their plan in Woodburn, Oregon. Designed and installed by Advanced Energy Systems, this array was originally planned to be 367kW. Changes to the BETC (Oregon tax credit program) forced a reduction in the array size. This new solar array was constructed with SolarWold modules, Sun Storage custom racking, and PV Powered inverters. Positive comments were received from the local building inspector, and Energy Trust of Oregon personnel as to the quality of the installation. The entire project was constructed by AES employees with the exception of post ramming which was sub contracted. All major components were sourced from Oregon suppliers and vendors. The project employed as many as 8 skilled Electricians, and construction persons during the 3 month install period.

Project Details

Client BrucePac Meat Product Designers
Skills Solar Electric

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